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Debt Financing
We provide debt financing for most types of projects around the world.
Equity Financing
Equity financing is provided to enterprises not quoted on the stock market in different forms.
Emerging Countries Financing
We seek to introduce proven business technologies and methods of capital formation into emerging countries.
We are constructive allies for businesses or incentives in developing nations. Our expertise in financial markets and global lending is a vital tool for those looking for the supportive arm on which to reply for their needs and to build their future.


Having survived decades of talk of world wars and oppression, we now live in times of global awareness to the need of the many for human rights, education, food, welfare or support for sustain development.

Capital Credit Bancorp (CCB) is an independent, international investment firm positioned to address equity and debt-oriented projects throughout the United States and many countries worldwide. CCB is extremely creative and flexible in its selection and disbursement process. We had been in business since 1978, providing our clients with unique and comprehensive services.

Our management philosophy combines the commercial skills of a merchant banker with the vision and understanding of a development banker. We consciously practice a macro or total involvement approach to investment, according to the nature and requirements of investments and the parties involved.

Our Management's Philosophy:                                         As a basic philosophy, our management prefers to do business in countries and markets where it shares the ambitions of the local business communities.

In Europe, Asia, across the Americas and in Africa, nations, organizations and people are talking to each other more often, openly and positively. Economic development is the underlying, shared goal of most, with the growing realizations that such development is the key to a better life for all.

Within this new environment, our goal is to link capital availability with capital needs; to move investment funds from where they are generated and accumulated, to where the money can be used most effectively and positively.

CCB's multinational, multidiscipline team of investment and financial experts is committed to development of capital markets; encouragement and broadening of the ownership of investment instruments; promotion of and investment in projects of social and ecological significance.


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