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Capital Credit Bancorp (CCB) is an independent, international investment firm positioned to address equity and debt-oriented projects throughout the United States and many countries worldwide. CCB is extremely creative and flexible in its selection and disbursement process. We had been in business since 1978, providing our clients with unique and comprehensive services.

Our management philosophy combines the commercial skills of a merchant banker with the vision and understanding of a development banker. We consciously practice a macro or total involvement approach to investment, according to the nature and requirements of investments and the parties involved.

We have reviewed our attitude to the business of merchant banking and have decided to go back to the traditional roots. The real skill of merchant banking is the ability to structure loans and come up with ideas that provide a financial benefit to the client.

In playing an advisory role, besides financing, the fundamental components of our business is combining sound and effective lending practices to provide quality investment advice supported by a professional management team.

We believe many banks and other traditional lending institutions are currently unduly pessimistic and conservative in their lending policies, because of recent set-backs and declining capital values in some areas.

As a result, we believe many inherently sound lending and investment opportunities worldwide are being downgraded or over-looked.

We provide attractive pricing, quick turnaround, and smooth closings. We develop flexible and innovative financing solutions that will get your deal closed swiftly, even in complex and intricate situations.

We have designed our commercial loan programs for customers who are not well served by traditional banks and other financial institutions. We specialize in financing income providing property, such as office, retail, industrial and multi-family including unanchored retails; turnaround properties with temporary cash-flow deficiencies and odd property types. Of course, we also provide financing for other types of projects.

We excel at traditional income producing property types such as office, retail, industrial and multi-family, but we focus on transactions where there is a bit of story on the deal or the borrower is in need of fast closing.

It is our policy to review each application and respond in a timely manner. If all necessary information is made available to us and the proposal meets our criteria, preliminary documentation can be issued within 7 days. If the applicant is prepared and ready to proceed promptly, funding commitments or loan agreements can be often provided in short periods. We close most of our loans in 30 to 45 days, sometimes sooner. We are able to accomplish this because we do not have excessive layers of management and bureaucracy; we are accustomed to seeing outside the box deals and are able to make decisions quickly.

Loan may be made up to 20 years, and interest rate charges are based either on LIBOR (London Interbank Offering Rate) or the one year U.S. Treasury security rate, plus, in either case, an agreed margin. In this way we are able to tailor the most effective and attractive structure for a particular transaction.

CCB has identified several key sectors which it is particularly interested in investing in. These prime areas of interest are re-assessed regularly depending on the fluctuating fortunes of the overall international business environment, and are currently focused on:

Real estate: including, but not limited to, industrial and commercial property, for acquisition and/or development of factories, shopping complexes, hotels, resorts, self-storage facilities, conference centers, mixed use properties and golf courses.  

  • Corporate growth: financing of assets and working capital, takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buyouts.
  • Refinancing of existing debt for historically viable businesses.
  • Special interest sectors: leisure, entertainment, tourism, hi-tech, air and sea transportation.

Our team will ensure that the funds are put to work effectively and efficiently, by providing skilled financial management resources and international experience.

Our financial experts will help a borrower draw up detailed and considered financial programs designed to help achieve the project's identified potential.


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