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We recognize the fact that bright ideas and capable mangers who want to build up their enterprises often need venture capital. Venture capital is often thought of as the early-stage financing of new and young companies seeking to grow rapidly. Although this has been, and remains, the main focus of most professional venture investors, venture capital covers a broader spectrum.

In providing the seed for startup and first stage financing, and the funds for expansion of companies that have already demonstrated the viability of their businesses but do not yet have access to the public securities market or to credit-oriented institutional funding sources, we are direct in our approach. We also provide for leveraged buyout financing to assist operating managements to purchase and revitalize a division of a corporation or an absentee-owned private company.

The long-term involvement between the venture capital team and the entrepreneurial teams that manage the companies in their portfolio differentiates us from the world passive investors. This seasoned team of venture capitalists is prepared to invest in and guide young management on the basis of our success in the region over a number of years.

Application Procedures:

CCB will review each request and application for funding on its own merits. Applicant’s credit history or the lack of accounting information will not stop any application proceeding, providing we are happy the loan is affordable and makes commercial sense.

Business – The team way: help us to help you.

We welcome enquiries seeking information about funding or financial management assistance.

Initially, we require a preliminary briefing about the borrower’s investment proposal, in précis format. This will be evaluated against our parameters for investment funding.

We will then respond promptly. If the proposal qualifies under our trust fund criteria, we will invite the borrower to submit detailed information and supporting data to help us fully assess the proposal and financial requirements, including:

  • A description of the organization including historical back-ground and current status.

  • A management profile of the organization and its key proponents.

  • A business plan, development plan, and/or feasibility study for the project, describing the substance and viability of the project.

  • A marketing plan with sales projections for the project.

  • Financial projections, with provision for the funding required, and including a cash flow analysis.

  • Details of loan security/collateral available.

  • Legal, accounting, auditing records and other statutory data.

  • Bank and trade references which we will be authorized to contact for verification of details, including financial data, about the company and its principal owners and officers.

If analysis of this data results in approval of the project, we will issue our letter committing a finance facility. Applications are normally processed within 2 weeks; in this context, we suggest that prompt communications are maintained with us.


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