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We have identified several key sectors which it is particularly interested in investing in. These prime areas of interest are re-assessed regularly depending on the fluctuating fortunes of the overall international business environment, and are currently focused on:

Real estate: including, but not limited to, industrial and commercial property, for acquisition and/or development of factories, shopping complexes, hotels, resorts, self-storage facilities, conference centers, mixed use properties and golf courses.  

  • Corporate growth: financing of assets and working capital, takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buyouts.
  • Refinancing of existing debt for historically viable businesses.
  • Special interest sectors: leisure, entertainment, tourism, hi-tech, air and sea transportation.

CCB controls, monitors and manages the following debt-related funding mechanisms:

  • Collateral-Backed loans

  • Short term/bridge mortgage lending program

  • Specialized commercial real estate loans

Loan Criteria

The general terms outlined below attempts to give an idea of the terms on which we provide finance at the present time.

The terms outlined are given as a guide, and are therefore subject t change as dictated by the market conditions and investment portfolio requirements.

The following are the general terms upon which approved proposals can be favorably financed, but which as you will appreciate, are subject to our final decision, prevailing monetary market conditions and policy trends.

We provide financing up to 100% depending on the market conditions and value of the collateral offered. We handle transactions starting from a minimum of $1 million. The term of the loans are usually up to 20 years.

Interest rate charges are based either on LIBOR (London Interbank Offering Rate) or the one year U.S. Treasury security rate, plus, in either case, an agreed margin. In this way we are able to tailor the most effective and attractive structure for a particular transaction.

As repayments are concerned, these are either with or without amortization payments of principle during the period of the loan or on maturity with interest payments being either on a quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis and in certain cases, it can be that the total amount of the principle becomes due and payable on the agreed maturity date of the loan while interest payments are made during the loan period as agreed.

Collateral can be real estate, bonds, notes, certificates or other approved instruments as issued and/or guaranteed by acceptable governments, banks, corporations and other organizations.


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