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The primary purpose of this type of financing program is to provide financial assistance and alternative for development projects in emerging economics suffering from severe capital limitations and resources, and therefore unqualified for traditional institutional lending. The scope of assistance the program offers ranges from business and feasibility study services, venture capital development, project management expertise, and low interest project loans under this program.


The program seeks to introduce proven business technologies and methods of capital formation into these economic environments to support growth, foster the creation of jobs, and to stimulate the production and export of locally manufactured goods and services. Projects will also be qualified for offset credits mandated by governments for foreign investment, and supported by countertrade and barter transactions to facilitate the profitability and success of the project.


Currently there exists a lack of institutional and venture capital funding for the development of infrastructure and industry in many areas of the world. In particular, this applies to regions where there is a lack of assistance at government level, or local capital resources where the financial environment is not conductive to direct foreign investment by world banking institutions. This financing program is a collection of programs and services developed specifically to address this need through creative international business development strategies and the application of advanced financial technologies in order to provide new alternatives for an age old problem.


Loans approved are made on a limited resource basis providing the applicant is qualified and the project satisfies the economic development criteria as follows:


The first criteria for acceptance require that the project make a measurable contribution towards the development of the local economic environment through the creation of jobs and industry. Project owners will be asked to provide specific information indicating the qualification of their projectís ability to make this contribution.


The second criteria for acceptance require that the business plan reflect realistic cost projections, quality and experience of management and a practical plan for implementation.


This financing program is available to provide up to 100% financing for projects in developing countries which do not qualify for traditional lending due to the collateral or other security requirements of conventional lending institutions.


The project ideally should be located in one of the following regions of the world; the Baltic Region, Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Central Asia, South East Asia, Pacific Rim, South America, Middle East and Africa. Preference will be given to projects which fall into one of the following standard industry categories; Power, Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure, Environmental and Products Manufacturing.


All financing offered will be with a grace period varying between 1 year and 4 years depending on the project type. Repayment shall begin in the year immediately following the grace period and shall continue in accordance with the loan agreement.


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